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General information

Rabbitfishes are members of the family „Siganidae" and consisting of 2 genera and 25 species. The genus Siganus, previously Lo, are longtime aquarist favorites. They are widly distributed to the whole central Pacific Ocean. They often lie quietly among seagrasses or hidden among coral rubble, relying on their camouflage to avoid detection. They are named for its rabbit-like snout ('siganus' means 'has a nose like a rabbit') or possibly for its habit of grazing on seaweeds. They are also called Spinefoot after the spines on its pelvic fins, a unique feature of this family. These spines are grooved and contain venom glands. The spines may be found on the dorsal, anal and pelvic fins. The sting of these spines can be quite painful to humans, but is generally not fatal. Similar to leather corals they shed their skin.

All rabbitfishes are herbivores, grazing on algae that grows on the sea bottom, and seagrasses. They have small mouths with tiny teeth. They are active during the day. Rabbitfishes often travel in schools, sometimes in pairs.

Siganidae are easy to care for, none aggressive to other inhabitants, and resistant to poor conditions. Rabbitfishes are excellent herbivores and require a large amount of vegetable matter in their diet. They are known to be not safe with all types of corals, in particular, they not despise Xenia.

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