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General information

The Basslets that we call Grammas of the family Grammatidae make delightfully peaceful and beautiful marine aquarium additions. The Grammatidae are all marine and confined to the tropical western Atlantic from the Bahamas down to the northern part of South America.. Grammatids differ from the true Basses in having an interrupted or missing lateral line and a continuous dorsal fin without prominent notches in the membranes between the spines.

Grammas live close by their nooks and crannies. They prefer as much decor, broken up environment as possible, as well as low illumination. Grammas are reef associated species that likes to under ledges or in caves and its depth range is 1-60 meters. This species is considered reef compatible and is often kept in small reef aquariums since it doesn’t grow very big. It can be kept singly or in pairs, or as a small group if your aquarium is large enough. Grammas are relatively peaceful, but will chase away small fishes they tries to occupy its favourite caves and crevices. In the ocean, Grammas works as cleaner fishes, removing ectoparasites from other fishes.

The two most common members of the family that are most common in the trade are the Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto) and the Blackcap Basslet (G. melacara). The Brazilian Gramma (G. brasiliensis) is sporadically imported to Europe, while the Dusky Gramma (G. linki) is a deepwater, less colorful fish that is rarely available in the trade.

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