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General information

The Sweetlips and Grunts belong to the family „ Haemulidae“. They include 2 Subfamilies, 17 genera and 150 species. The two subfamilies are „Plectorhinchinae“ commonly Sweetlips and the „Haemulinae“ or commonly Grunts. Grunts are closely related to the true Snappers, family Lutjanidae. They appear similar but may be distinguished from them by the lack of canine and vomerine teeth and the presence of a series of chin pits. Sweetlips and Grunts known to be seemingly non-aggressive toward themselves or other species. They are excellent community fishes in the quiet aquarium, and are fairly shy bottom feeders. Somewhat more delicate and therefore more difficult to maintain; require large aquariums and carefully selected tankmates. In captivity they preferring darkened areas until well acclimated. In the wild they get along with all fishes not large enough to eat them or for them to swallow. Most part of the subfamily „Plectorhynchinae“ have proven to be poor aquarium choices. In the wild most grunt species aggregate in schools swarming over rocky reefs by day and shoal over sandy bottoms to feed at night. retiring in captivity, preferring darkened areas until well acclimated. When kept in small groups and offered meaty fresh and/or prepared foods near "dark-hours" these fishes do well. Colorful and cute as juveniles, but much less desirable as adults because of their physical size.

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