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Reef Lobsters

General information

The tropical Reef lobsters of the genus Enoplometopus rarely grown longer than 15 cm and are real eye catchers. The genus consists of the 11 species listed below:

Enoplometopus crosnieri
Enoplometopus gracilipes
Enoplometopus holthuisi
Enoplometopus gracilipes
Enoplometopus antillensis
Enoplometopus occidentalis
Enoplometopus callistus
Enoplometopus debelius
Enoplometopus pictus
Enoplometopus voigtmanni
Enoplometopus chacei

About the size and shape of crayfish, these lobsters are much more strikingly colored. Reds and oranges are dominant, but some species have prominent purple and lavender markings. Reef lobsters are facultative predators, but despite their rather awesome claws, they are relatively harmless in a reef tank but should be kept one-per-aquarium, because they are territorial and intolerant of one another. Reef Lobster's environment should have a thick gravel bed for burrowing, and rocks for hiding. Lobsters are primarily nocturnal and will be reclusive during the day. Typically shy initially, reef lobsters are highly effective scavengers and as a true carnivore will feed on most any meaty food.

Reef lobsters are sensitive to changes in water conditions such as temperature, pH, and salinity. Acclimation should occur over a period of a few hours to ensure best chances for a successful transition.

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