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General information

The ghostpipefishes are member of a group of small, rare marine fishes characterized by long snouts and enlarged fins that belong to the Family „Solenostomidae“ in the order Syngnathiformes consisting of 1 genera, and about 6 species. They are distributed from South Africa and the Red Sea, to the Maldives, Indonesia, southern Japan, Guam, New Guinea, Australia, and Fiji Island.

They are closely related to pipefishes and sea horses of the family Syngnathidae but differ from syngnathids in both structure and behaviour. Ghostpipefishes have two dorsal fins whereas a seahorse only has one. In addition, ghostpipefishes do not have a pouch to rear the young, instead a female ghostpipefish looks after the eggs in a brood pouch formed by her modified pelvic fins. Ghostpipefishes reach lengths of 7.5 to 17 cm.

Like their Seahorse relative, requirements are basically the same. In fact, they complement each other in the reef and/or invertebrate aquarium and require much the same food and conditions as do seahorses and dragonets for example.

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