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General information

Bannerfishes belong in the „Order Perciformes“ and „Suborder Percoidei“ as members of the „Family Chaetodontidae“(Butterflyfishes). One of the more popular genus, Heniochus, are commonly referred too as 'Bannerfishes.' These 'butterflyfishes' are generally do well under a range of aquarium conditions. Bannerfishes are mostly peaceful and accept a wide variety of food, sometimes they can become somewhat territorial in too small aquariums.

The most species of Bannerfishes living along the reef front or external reef, very often in large schools swimming in mid water. They are typical Plankton feeder. Juveniles have a generalized symbiosis toward other fish species, that clean from parasites. The common German name for these fish is „Wimpelfisch“ which is a type of hat with feathers.

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