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Flying gurnards

General information

Flying Gurnards occur in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean from England to Argentina. There are approximately 8 species of Dactylopterus in the family that all look similiar in appearance. The flying gurnards found on sand, mud or over rocks in sandy areas. They are elongated fish with very large pectoral fins, each of which is divided into a shorter forward portion and a much larger, winglike posterior section. The flying gurnards are fish but they are not known to fly. They walk slowly over the ocean floor on their fins. Flying gurnards are not related to flying fishes. They use the fingerlike rays at the front of their fins to push themselves along. Flying Gurnard have those characteristic purple areas at the back of the wings. another way to distinguish it is because it actually has two free spines before the dorsal fin that sit almost side by side. These fish usually live in small groups or schools and can be found in shallow water near the shore. There they search for food in the sand, mud, and pebbles. Gurnards eat many kinds of fish, as well as shrimp and crabs.

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