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General information

One of the most important members of the soft substrate fish fauna are the goatfishes. They belong to the family of „Mullidae“, members of this family are characterized by general torpedo-shaped bodies, that are triangular in cross-section, and the presence of to long, firm, unbranched barbels below the chin on their small, underslung mouths which are used for digging and sensing prey. Goatfishes are peaceful and as juveniles, make good sand stirrers. In the wild, they favor shallow protected bays and lagoons. They are found in warm and tropical regions, along reefs or over mud or sand. They are often brightly coloured, in shades of red and yellow; some are able to change their colours.

Most often in the trade are members of the genera Upeneus and Mulloides; two of 6 genera with some 56 species. All species have proven to be good for captive systems and similar in their care and habits.

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